Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport

This conference is the 15th in the series that serves as a forum for the international community of researchers, practitioners and vendors on all aspects of public transport planning and operations. CASPT covers significant contributions to the theory and application of systems and methodologies for advancing and improving public transport planning and operations. CASPT does not only encourage the generation and presentation of new ideas, but also intends to instigate productive collaborations between participants from academia, industry, and government.

Since 1997, the conference has met every 3 years. The conference originated in 1975, under the name of “Computer-Aided Scheduling of Public Transport”. The name was updated in 2009 to better reflect the expanded scope of activities in the conference.

Transit Data 2018

This workshop is the 4th in a series on the use of automated data collection systems in public transport. The focus of these meetings has been to build an international network of researchers working on these topics, and also to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss recent methodological developments and innovative applications. This workshop continues a series that began in Gifu, Japan in 2014; Boston, USA in 2016; and Santiago, Chile in 2017.